Guest Mix: Blomfelt

Text Ben Lee
Blomfelt is establishing himself in the underground electronic scene through slick IDM releases, immersing deep, ambient textures with heavier breakbeat sounds. Ahead of his new album »i’m interested in apathy« out on Istanbul label Oath, he switches to a club-friendly selection in his guest mix for HHV.

»I’m really into the idea of escapism«, Henrik Blomfelt says. Wherever he grew up across Europe, each place has helped him imagine new possibilities for developing this sound.

Through running events at the defunct club Blok in Switzerland, this where he found a love for electronic music. In Finland, walking in nature allowed him to touch into his ambient and melancholic side. Inspired by post-club bus journeys listening to Burial, you can hear how percussion in his tracks tap into a grimy, harsher garage and breakbeat sound he had a taste for in London, a place he »truly felt surrounded by like-minded people«.

His draw to escapism through music has inspired one of his tracks »A Vision« on the new album, a response to a still from cult film Paris, Texas where Travis stands in a green-lit parking lot. »Something about the mood in that scene which I found very inspiring and wanted to capture musically, but more as a reflection of the mood it evoked in me.«

Re-imagining reality

These cinematic themes feel akin to Blomfelt’s output throughout his career, particularly in his collaborations with Gaspar Narby – someone he trusts to bounce new ideas off to help explore his own musical practice. It’s fed into his work with audio-visual collective Resolution.

Started during his university years at Goldsmith’s in London, they use surround sound and art to transform performances in clubs into audio-visual spectacles where »two worlds can combine in a symbiotic way« It’s clear how combining these boundaries is symptomatic of what drives Blomfelt. As an artist who can reimagine new realities of what is possible for us to experience through music, his guest mix continues in this style.