Records Revisited: King Geedorah – Take Me To Your Leader (2003)

In 2003, Daniel Dumile aka MF DOOM embarks on an incredible run that will cement his legendary status. It begins as the Earth invader and Godzilla challenger King Geedorah.

An imperial superpower pitches itself into evil’s lair, terrorist super-villains threaten Western industrial nations, a novel virus, shrouded in conspiracy theories and no doubt engineered by a rogue genius in a secret lab, mushrooms into a pandemic: This is what the year 2003 looks like when viewed through the glasses worn by MF DOOM. The invasion of Iraq, the war on terror, the SARS-CoV-1 coronavirus. 50 Cent hits it big with »In Da Club«, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are »Crazy In Love«, while the Black Eyed Peas wonder »Where Is The Love? 

Meanwhile in the rap underground: Daniel Dumile aka MF DOOM is earning his present-day legendary status. Almost four years after his 1999 »Operation: Doomsday«, there’s no stopping him anymore. Hugely productive, Dumile kicks off February 2003 in the Monsta Island Czars collective with his new producer persona King Geedorah, whose album »Escape Monsta Island!« is released on Dumile’s label »Metal Face Records«. »Take Me To Your Leader« follows in June. The MCs from the Czars rap around each other on the King Geedorah album. Dumile can no longer be stopped. »Vaudeville Villain«, under his new persona Viktor Vaughn, is released in September 2003, followed by the Metal Fingers instrumentals »Special Herbs 4, 5, 6« in November. Also in November, the single »Money Folder« from the classic »Madvillainy«, the album by DOOM and Madlib that was to be released in March 2004. 

»This whole album is Geedorah’s alien perspective on humans« (Dumile in Interview with Peter Agoston, 2003))

For »Take Me To Your Leader«, Dumile ditches his Doctor Doom-inspired persona and adopts that of the monster King Geedorah, a three-headed alien dragon that spits bolts of lightning. The alien monster, or kaiju, comes from the universe around Godzilla. His plan: to invade the Earth and subjugate humanity. This narrative setting clearly sets »Take Me to Your Leader« apart from other DOOM records. The skilfully edited film scenes that give the album an astonishing coherence are, however, typical of DOOM. 

Accomplice to children, gangsters and minimum wage slaves

King Geedorah is Dumile’s producer persona. For DOOM fans, »Take Me To Your Leader« is therefore particularly interesting because of the beats and samples. With MF DOOM rapping on only three of the 13 tracks, it’s not surprising that the album has hardly left a visible mark on those who otherwise cite DOOM as a major influence. The lesser known King Geedorah album is overshadowed by the classics »Operation: Doomsday« and »Madvillainy«. 

King Geedorah’s beats are dry, expansive, golden era, and mainly come from 70s and early 80s R&B and soul records, such as those from the Detroit Emeralds. The instruments sound like coming from the big screen. King Geedorah loops his samples so that one sky-scraping boss catharsis follows the next, interrupted only by vintage film sample mash-ups. Breezy strings constantly roar around your ears, drying the tears on your chapped cheeks. 

The mood on »Take Me To Your Leader« is apocalyptic; Geedorah heralds its arrival. The featured MCs assume the role of hip-hop prophets (»Next Levels«), drawing apocalyptic scenarios, permeated by the searing electro-breath of the super-monster (»Krazy World«). Geedorah is a kind of anti-Christ keeping it real and also accomplice to children, gangsters and minimum wage slaves. With each new track, apocalyptic-prophetic potentials of Christian transcendence shift into the sci-fi worlds found in kaiju films. This pop-cultural harnessing of metaphysical energies to uplift the underprivileged still makes the album relevant today. 

In 2013, the Big Dada label had already released a 10-year anniversary reissue of the album. At that time, »Take Me To Your Leader« was no longer being pressed. After further re-releases in 2016 and 2021, the 20th anniversary re-release is now available on black vinyl with the original 2003 artwork. The highlight is the 7« single »Anti-Matter« included, featuring MF DOOM and Mr. Fantastik, which until now was only available on the second-hand market at a high price.