Asher Gamedze’s European tour will be historic


With »Turbulence and Pulse«, Asher Gamedze has released a jazz album in 2023 that has been praised by critics around the world. On it, the South African drummer explores the concept of time – and shakes things up with his compositions. At the beginning of the new year, Gamedze and his ensemble are now going on tour in Europe, including two dates in Germany.

This torch is carried on

With his drumming, Asher Gamedze sees himself in the same tradition as Rashied Ali, Sunny Murray or Elvin Jones.This is not a boast, but an expression of Gamedze’s awareness of the musical lineage in which he moves.The man is a historian. And he is a leftist. So it’s fitting that he uses music-making to create what is still the most effective alternative to the alienating tendencies of capitalism: Community. The rest is music.

Asher Gamedze European Tour 2024
20Jan 2024
Brüssel • Brussels Jazz Festival
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28Feb 2024
Kopenhagen • Alice
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29Feb 2024
Warschau • Jassmine
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01Mar 2024
Mechelen • Kunstencentrum Nona
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02Mar 2024
Köln • King Georg
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03Mar 2024
Ostend • KAAP
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04Mar 2023
Stockholm • Fasching
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06Mar 2023
Bern • Bee Flat
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07Mar 2023
Rotterdam • De Doelen
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08Mar 2023
Hamburg • JazzHall