Black Flower invite you to their excessive jazz in Berlin eraly next year


Black Flower are playing a concert in Berlin. On January 20, 2024, the Belgian big band will come to the Privatclub in Kreuzberg. This is good news for all jazz lovers, the sitting ones and the dancing ones, because: »Black Flower’s jazz can be enjoyed in silence as well as in excess«, as colleague Björn Bischoff classifies the current album »Magma«. Other friends from the arts pages have already called the good-humoured sound »hybrid jazz«, after all, Black Flower has a lot of things going for it.

Jazz, but one where the roof is on fire

Ethiopian jazz, Fela Kuti, Balkan, Klezmer and so on.The list of influences is long. Black Flower, who released their last three albums on Sdban Ultra, can be categorised less by name-dropping cleverness than by a vibe.This goes away from instrumental fireworks and towards controlled chaos, where the word jazz dissolves in smoke. Black Flower have recently shown this at festival appearances in Brussels, Gent or Saalfelden. And this should also make Berlin’s armchairs swing.

Black Flower In Concert
20Jan 2023
Berlin • Privatclub
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