Boo And The Tru-Tones – Golden Reissues

The Basel-based label Not Dark Yet is reissuing two records by Saint Lucian band Boo And The Tru-Tones. Exclusively on HHV Records, »Show The World« and »Power Struggle« will be available on gold vinyl.

The Tru-Tones hail from St. Lucia, an island in the Caribbean. Ronald »Boo« Hinkson put together a band of cousins and uncles in the 1960s that would find some success in the UK. The mixture of Rastafarian jazz and soca music, the Soul of Calpyso,” twirled flamingo umbrellas into colorful drinks. The fact that hips could sway to it under disco balls was all the more suitable for British exoticism. »Show The World« (1974) and »Power Struggle« (1980) crash onto the dancefloor with roller blades in the new edition of “Not Dark Yet draw three circles in the neon light, and then pile up a sandbank in the backstage area. This is tropical Motown sound, a bringer for every DJ set, the savior of a Gilles Peterson. By the way: When The Tru-Tones disbanded in 1980, Boo Hinkson toured alone to bring the “Caribbean Blues” to the world. Meanwhile, the man is a legend on his island. And since 2016, the first juror of the Grammy Awards from St. Lucia. At HHV Records’s his early work with the Tru-Tones is exclusively available in a limited gold vinyl edition from April 8, 2022.


  • A1 Show The World
  • A2 I Just Can’t Read You
  • A3 What A Life
  • A4 Don’t Blame This Joint
  • A5 Sella
  • A6 Stop Leaning On The Shoulder Of Your Brother
  • A7 Soft Spot
  • A8 Let Me Get Stoned
  • A9 You’re The Match
  • A10 The World Is A Ghetto

  • A1 Power Struggle
  • A2 Music Is Music
  • A3 Song Of Love
  • A4 Dancing
  • A5 La Pli A
  • A6 Burning Eyes (And Hungry Bellies)
  • A7 Lets Party
  • A8 Foreign Journalists

»Power Struggle« and »Show The World« by Boo And The Tru-Tones will be out April 8, 2022 via Not Dark Yet.