»The John Peel Sessions« of To Rococo Rot recorded between 1997 and 1999 will be released


Sometimes even John Peel was clueless. »What is the correct way to say the name of the band?,« he asked the Lippok brothers Robert and Ronald and their pal Stefan Schneider on one of their three visits in his studio between the years 1997 and 1999. Answer? None, or at least not a definite one. The radio legend tried anyway, spewing out the name like a machine gun. That was somehow wrong and right at the same time: sheer velocity was never what the trio, which disbanded in 2014, was aiming for, but the fine rhythmic structure of its name has always contained their full sound poetry. To Rococo Rot sounded exactly like that; their electronic post-rock pulsated, rattled, shimmered along—staccato-like, but elegantly. Their early releases already anticipated many developments that were only to blossom fully from the early and mid-2000s onwards, starting with folktronica and pretty much the entire early Four Tet catalogue to certain developments in IDM and so much more.

Visionary without a doubt

Bureau B has now compiled the three recording sessions in Peel’s studio, including three exclusive tracks, on »The John Peel Sessions«. The label thus allows all latecomers to look back at the still timeless early work of this visionary band. The record is available exclusively from HHV in a cream white vinyl edition.

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