HHV For The Culture – Save Your Club

In support of the club scene, which was hit hard by the Corona crisis, a Vinyl 7″ series was created with three Berlin clubs that are strongly connected to us. The complete proceeds will go to the venues. Together »For The Culture«! Save your club!

2020, it’s a crazy year. Until the beginning of March we could enjoy concerts and long nights in the clubs dancing and frolicking as usual. Then the virus came and with it the lockdown. The cultural and especially the club scene has been hit hard by the effects of the coronavirus. When the clubs, in Berlin and worldwide, will be able to reopen and switch back to normal operation is uncertain. HHV has always seen itself as part of the whole and supported clubs and concerts wherever possible. Right now we feel even more committed than ever to support.

We are happy to make our small contribution to support the Berlin club scene with the [HHV For The Culture – 7” vinyl series](https://www.hhv.de/fortheculture.) In cooperation with Gretchen, Cassiopeia and YAAM, three clubs with strong ties to us, we have created a limited 7″ vinyl, a t-shirt and poster each custom made to the club. All proceeds will go to the venues and hopefully help them a little bit in this hard time. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all clubs, venues and cultural workers and creatives for their years of tireless effort and great cooperation. A big thank you also goes to all the artists who are involved in this project. Let’s hope we can celebrate soon again.
Together »For The Culture«! Save your club!

All records and bundles of the HHV For The Culture – 7” vinyl-series are available in the [HHV Records webshop](https://www.hhv.de/fortheculture.)

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Gretchen x HHV
For The Culture #1 Bundle: The Bug / Onra / Suff Daddy / Schlachthofbronx
from 34.99€
Gretchen x HHV – The Bug / Onra / Suff Daddy / Schlachthof Bronx
The Gretchen in Kreuzberg is particularly important for HHV and we are fans from the very beginning (cue: Icon). We have celebrated countless evenings , PMC label nights and also the »Diggin Days« together. The Gretchen stands out in Berlin like no other club and always manages to surprise and inspire, not only us, with their bookings and nights. Culture and diversity? Right here! Also on their 7inch vinyl! Four songs came in from all corners of the world. On the A-side, The Bug delivers hard bass music and Onra takes us, at least soundwise, to distant Thailand. The (local) B-side shines with one production each from Berlin-based Suff Daddy and the Munich-based DJ/producer duo Schlachthofbronx.

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Cassiopeia x HHV
For The Culture #2 Bundle: Pöbel MC / Final Prayer Feat. Bernd (Beatsteaks) & Nico (WFAHM)
from 34.99€
Cassiopeia x HHV – Pöbel MC / Final Prayer
For HHV employees, Cassiopeia is neighbour, living room and garden in one.The club on the RAW area in Friedrichshain was and is a long-standing partner of HHV events and the »Diggin Days«. Here the audience is just as colourful as the music offerings. Whether Punk, Hip Hop or Pop. Cassiopeia masters the balancing act skilfully and with a lot of love. The limited vinyl 7inch for the Cassiopeia reflects exactly all this. On the A-side there is hardcore german rap by Pöbel MC, remixed by Pavel, and on the B-side the hardcore band Final Prayer provided their legendary »Berlin« anthem featuring Bernd (Beatsteaks) and Nico (WFAHM) in support of the Cassiopeia.

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Yaam x HHV
For The Culture #3 Bundle: Pumpkin & Vin’S da Cuero / The Polyversal Souls Feat. Hailu Mergia
from 34.99€
YAAM x HHV – Pumpkin & Vin’S Da Cuero / The Polyversal Souls
Hot nights to tropical sounds, pumping Hip Hop shows, culinary delights and the cosy flexing on the beach. All of this and more we love about the »Young African Art Market» alias YAAM. A multi-faceted offer between children’s entertainment, workshops and club nights. The Yaam is a unique, intercultural meeting place and melting pot. Of course this is also reflected on their exclusive 45. The French hip hop duo Pumpkin & Vin’S da Cuero present with »Banana Bread« their first treat of their upcoming album (with Bastien Burger on bass and cuts by DJ Odilon) and The Polyversal Souls delight with the song »Sad Nile« featuring the legendary Ethio-Jazz musician Hailu Mergia on the B-side.