Jazz musician Julian Lage lets his Guitar speak for itself at the Berlin concert in April


At the age of eight he performed alongside Carlos Santana, at thirteen at the Grammys and before his fifteenth birthday he gave a workshop at University, which he led himself. Julian Lage was what honest people call a child prodigy. Today, the guitarist has played at all the world’s major jazz festivals, won several important prizes, improvised with important people and has just released his new album on Blue Note.

Speak to my Guitar

To present his Americana songbook »Speak To Me«, Julian Lage is coming to the Gretchen in Berlin for a show on 19 April 2024. There – unlike in his duo or trio constellations – he will at best speak to his guitar or the guitar will speak to him. In any case, questions from the audience are not permitted. However, anyone who has watched Julian Lage’s most recent concert recordings on video will probably have heard the most important answer anyway.

Julian Lage In Concert
19Apr 24
Berlin • Gretchen
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