John Peel session by Foyer Des Ars salvaged after 35 years

Foyer Des Arts & John Peel

In 1981, the musical duo made up of author and singer Max Goldt and songwriter and guitarist Gerd Pasemann in the guise of Foyer Des Arts aroused the interest of some big record companies with their experimental, sometimes melancholically resigned and sometimes comically surreal pop songs sung in German. At the time, they were willing to sign anything that could somehow be marketed under the genre of »Neue Deutsche Welle«. Although the band never considered themselves part of that scene, their tracks show a certain affinity to the music of NDW bands like Palais Schaumburg or Der Plan.

Invitation from John Peel

In 1986, the influential BBC radio DJ John Peel finally invited the band to one of his popular recording sessions. The tapes made with several London session musicians were then considered lost for 35 years and are now finally available on vinyl and in digital form. »The John Peel Session« by Foyer Des Arts will be released on July 15, 2022 by the Hamburg label Tapete Records. An exclusive edition will also be available from HHV Records.