New Record Labels – Tieftonkultur, Hiss Tapes, (T)reue um (T)reue, Modern Trips

Month by Month we are going to introduce you to a bunch of record labels, which are new at webshop and/or you definitely have to discover now. The record labels this month are: Tieftonkultur, Hiss Tapes, (T)reue um (T)reue und Modern Trips.
Tieftonkultur is a German record label from Bingen am Rhein, founded by Frank Jung and Thomas Unnerstall in 2013. It has been the creative surrounding and the good music, that brought Frank Jung and Thomas Unnerstall to organize events in the area of Mainz, and finally to found a record label. Their approach is: »Love to music and no event without hand cheese.«It’s that twinkle in the eye, which is also reflected in the music that Tieftonkultur releases. So far, with Bonobo, Kram aus der Ecke, Pulsstoff and Grasime, primaily talented German rappers are in their release list. But generally it is: »What is celebrated or felt, is served«.
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Modern Trips is a 2013 founded record label from Leipzig. Emerged from Leipzig’s graffiti and beat scene, the label neither want to be limited to one medium (music, art) nor to one format. The point is rather to give something back to the lokal scene. So far, the music has been released on tape, in future there should be also vinyl and even VHS releases. Also in terms of content is the musical offer anything but stringent: sets, live sets and single tracks from so different styles like noise, insustrial, wave, techno, juke, footwork, southside or screw rap find here attention.
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Hiss Tapes is a 2011 by Jani Rintala (ThaJain) founded Finnish label from Alajärvi, that is specialized in hip hop.The label concentrates on the release of music tapes and puts his focus on the hip hop of the 1990s and early 2000s, especially on artists of the Californian Bay Area. Consequently, the start makes the rapper and poet Neila. It was a mix of her tracks, that Jani Rintals did find in his tape collection. The release of this first tape has been a solidarity action, that should support the artist and whose revenues went entirely to Neyla. Until now Hiss Tapes remained true to the DIY principle. The revenue is always divided fifty-fifty. Jani Rintala just releases what he would like to hear on tape and just artists he like. Moreover, Hiss Records is a contribution to maintain the small but nice scene of hip hop lovers in Finland.
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(T)Reue um (T)Reue is a record label from Hamburg, founded by Laszlo P.R. and Sofia E.R. in 2005. Concocted while walking on the insustrial port of Hamburg, the idea behind the founding of the label was to release music on the beloved vinyl format, that you can’t imagine on another label. Be it, because the music is to weird, to specific or to »between the chairs«. From the outset, (T)Reue um (T)Reue was planned on two labels: Treue um Treue for the »danceable« electro wave stuff, Reue um Reue for the more contemplative and more experimental music. Meanwhile, there are some further sublabels: Just Another Winter (since 2009) for post black metal, Rectangle Astral (since 2011) for italo disco and Altered Tapes (since 2012), that is dedicated less to a genre rather than to the format of the good old music tape. The label releases only on analogous sound carriers (vinyl and music tape). All editions are strictly limited and (mostly) hand-numbered.
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