Mauscovic Dance Band play live at Supersonic Crust in Hamburg’s Knust


Nicola Mauscovic knows how to think music from the hip swing. With his Mauscovic Dance Band, the drummer from Amsterdam gets to the core of this idea. Afro-Caribbean rhythms meet the brashness of rock here, and as I write this, I think that this is the best premise for live music in general.

Cannot be anything but good live

Plus: When it comes to live music, Nic Mauscovic has some expertise. He is not only the drummer of the Anatolian rockers Altin Gün, but has also been on tour with Jacco Gardner, the Dutch innovator of the psychpop sound, as well as with the Zamrock legends of W.I.T.C.H.

On September 16, 2023, the Mauscovic Dance Band will come to Hamburg’s Knust as part of the Supersonic Crust series. Max Gyver and Zwegatman will be supporting on the turntables before and after.

Supersonic Crust W/ Mauscovic Dance Band
16Sep 23
Hamburg • Knust
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