Yoni Mayraz comes to Berlin and Shows How Much Jazz is Possible with Synths


Yoni Mayraz will come to Berlin for a concert. On February 10, 2024, the Israeli keyboardist will present his latest album at Gretchen. »Dybbuk Tse!« was recently released on Astigmatic Records and is one of the defining jazz albums of 2023 – why? Because the thing is a damn vibe. At least that’s what a lot of people write in the comments on YouTube. And as we all know, that’s where the jazz heads hang out – just like in Montreux, where Yoni Mayraz performed this year. Or in London, which is not only his new main centre of life, but also something like the jazzier Brooklyn of the so-called present.

Not without his Moog

Incidentally, Yoni Mayraz also drags his Moog synthesiser into the Gretchen. The device is in every one of his press photos because he strums sounds on it, which can give some fans of the chiselled Rhodes tremolo the wrong idea. But now get your hands out of your pockets: Yoni Mayraz must be seen and heard and, at best, experienced. You’ll have the opportunity to do so in February, tickets are available now.

Yoni Mayraz In Concert
10Feb 24
Berlin • Gretchen
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