Adam Wiltzie

Eleven Fugues For Sodium Pentothal

Kranky • 2024

Adam Wiltzie’s new album »Eleven Fugues for Sodium Pentothal« is a dream come true. Born in New York in 1969, the composer and co-founder of projects such as Stars of the Lid and A Winged Victory for the Sullen was initially inspired to write the album by a recurring motif during his naps: »If someone listened to the music I composed, they would die«. It was just a dream. Somehow moving from Brussels to the Flemish countryside also played a role, and Wiltzie recorded the album in his own studio, as you can hear. »Eleven Fugues for Sodium Pentothal« is more intrusive than some of his other projects, but it doesn’t do much more or leave the intimate atmosphere. This time, the contrast between ruin and beauty is more pronounced. This is mainly due to the string arrangements. »Pelagic Swell« is a bit like a roaring abyss, and »Stock Horror« gives in completely in the last seconds, revealing the dark heart of this album. This sounds really big, and it’s great how Adam Wiltzie finds the right points for the twists and turns. Every note seems to come straight from the subconscious. It’s the perfect midnight soundtrack and already one of the most exciting ambient albums of the year.