Late Reflections

City Slang • 2023

Neuschwanstein Castle or the Brandenburg Gate? No, Cologne Cathedral is the most visited attraction in Germany. In reality, Grandbrothers Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel were »only« supposed to play a concert in the sacred halls on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the Gothic cathedral. The result is an entire concept album that combines the piano duo’s expansive compositions with the sublime spatial sound of the 45-metre-high nave. 

While the Grandbrothers were already pretty lush and opulent on their previous three albums, »Late Reflections« surpasses this with ease, sounding larger and vaster, more ethereal. Instead, the club sounds hinted at on the last album »All The Unknown« from 2021 have almost completely disappeared – the cathedral is not a dance temple after all… It should also be emphasised that the Grandbrothers fortunately have nothing to do with religion, although they have converted the prominent place of worship into a studio. 

The ten tracks are sublime, but not sacred, and instead of a church organ, a piano is set-up like before. Accordingly, »Late Reflections« is more suitable for inner contemplation and self-reflection than for communal blessings and the veneration of saints. Then again, most tourists don’t come to Cologne Cathedral to pray, but to stand in awe.