Sarah Davachi

Two Sisters

Late Music • 2022

Like a lead blanket, Sarah Davachi’s tenth album »Two Sisters« weighs its listeners down.  The Canadian sound artist brings all kinds of organs, strings, choir and drones to the nine pieces – which can mostly be perceived in nuances. »Hall Of Mirrors« opens with the third largest glockenspiel in the world, which sounds like the chime emanating from a melodic church steeple on a cold night.  Whereby the melody extends to a chamber play of over six minutes. The individual notes stand for themselves for prolonged periods, and this occurs again and again on this album:  On »En Bas Tu Vois« wind instruments transform into voices and vice versa, and »Harmonies in Bronze« lends a beautiful sound to the funeral of music par excellence. Everything is minimalist, but remains in constant flux. Davachi has loaded this with theories of composition, intonation and harmonies, yet »Two Sisters« unfolds without any overarching structure.  If you just listen to the tonal changes, to how the texture moves, you can find a comforting shelter in this sound.  As always with Sarah Davachi:  lay down and let her music wash over you like the passing of day and night. It feels heavy, but after a few moments a glorious state materialises in the infinity that has become sound.