Pan American

For Waiting, For Chasing

Kranky • 2010

Only very few can tare the balance between acoustic and electronic sounds in a perfection comparable to the skills of Mark Nelson alias Pan American. This quality is even traceable back to For Waiting, For Chasing, an album originally released in 2006 by the small arts-music-publisher Mosz in Vienna. There’s only one thing even more impressive than Pan American’s technical skills: it’s how the musician from Richmond, Virginia, combines sounds and tunes to create a record that is incredibly unsentimental, yet could not be any more emotional. The fifth album of the former Labradford-combatant has a very personal approach since it deals with the subject of his partner’s pregnancy. For doing so, Mark Nelson used records from the doctor’s ultrasonic testing and heart beats of his unborn child, incorporating everything into the final compositions. The excitement, the insecurity and joy, the chaos of feelings concerning the experience – all that is detectable through out the whole album and thereby gets in line with Marc Leclair’s Music Pour 3 Femmes Enceintes, at least when it comes to content. Now, the Chicago-based label Kranky has re-released Pan American’s fifth album, this time it can even be purchased as a vinyl.