Ambien Baby

Taste the Bass

Delicate • 2022

Ambien Baby is the joint project of Isla founder Nap and Planet Euphorique boss D. Tiffany, who have made some unlikely compromises between wonky house, breakbeats and psychedelic dance music derivatives on their previous releases. »Taste the Bass« follows on seamlessly from there. The opener »Engendrx« sounds as if it was forged in the Salon des Amateurs, bringing distant vocals with 1980s charm together with a bouncing big beat groove that is complemented by acid melodies and all kinds of weird sounds. After that, the duo takes a noticeable bow to Chicago greats like Ron Hardy: »101 We Love You« is an electroid house jacker. It however only proves to be a prelude to an EBM-influenced techno track with trance influences and a psychotic-psychedelic note—a thoroughly disorienting journey in the best sense of those words. And as if the stylistic mishmash on the previous three tracks wasn’t overwhelming enough, »You Can’t Forget Groove« kicks it up a notch with a fast disco beat, lots of cute, gimmicky sounds and even more outlandish, muffled vocals. No track on this EP sounds like the other or anything at all that had ever been heard at any point. Ambien Baby keep their knack for unusual recombinations from dance music history.