Uncle Reed In The Purple Mine

Impatience • 2024

»Uncle Reed In The Purple Mine« is the début album of the new duo Amkarahoi, consisting of Nikita Chepurnoy and Sergey Dmitriev. The album explores the broad theme of water and its many forms of expression. The sonic aesthetic is manifested not only in the splashing and rustling soundscapes, but also in the styles that the duo combine with virtuosity. The soundscape ranges from IDM to atmospheric ambient to dubby downtempo and breakbeats. Some songs, such as »Kirenga«, are named after Siberian rivers, establishing a link to the remote East Siberian region of Amkarahoi, after which the duo is named. »Mogoul«, for example, begins with the murmur of a rain shower, building to a swell of synth strings. »Chininga« unexpectedly develops into a dynamic, almost danceable dub rhythm with wooden drum beats and metallic, shimmering cymbal sounds from the middle of the track. The album is the result of an improvised show that was reworked in the studio. This organic approach is reflected in the direct and sometimes unexpected character of the eight tracks.