Journey Home

Bless You • 2023

Prolific Seoul artist Mogwaa returns with his fourth album release in the past 13 months. The producer and DJ explores his appreciation for Reggae in Journey Home, an album pushing digi-dub into ambient, Balearic, and downtempo beats that create chill-out bliss.

Rising through Seoul scene since his 2017 debut release Déjà Vu, Mogwaa aka Seungyoung Lee has become renowned for his eclectic productions which traverse so many genres. But with his long-play releases, those musical textures come into calmer realm.

Releasing again on Bless You after his 2020 »Turquoise EP«, the new album has eight instrumentals. ‘虎步’ is spaceship reggae as the piano shoots out laser beam style chords before an interlude that harnesses some of the 80s video game synths heard on »Moonphase«.

The digi-bass on »Rocksteady High« is a fun foundation for the reverbed piano to chime into, whilst the mist of ambient sounds meet sliding synths that loop over the glitchy rhythm section on ‘Transitions’. The highlight is »Green Water’« featuring deep house synths and bass that soften into a beautiful downtempo track with acid squelches that melt into its aura.

The new album contrasts to the three dancefloor-house releases out on Peggy Gou’s Gudu Records, and the heavier club sounds he put out on Klasse Wrecks. With Peggy Gou’s label presenting South Korea’s finest underground artists to the world, it’s no wonder she has collaborated with Mogwaa. »Journey Home« showcases Mogwaa’s musical flexibility and quality.