Augustus Pablo

Original Rockers

Greensleeves • 2016

One should say that dub revivals are quite unnecessary these days, considering that the influences of dub can be found in pretty much any music between pop and club sounds. Still, it’s our duty to regularly honor the heroes of dub. In particular, since most of the dub-pioneers – with the exception of Lee »Scratch« Perry maybe – can’t speak for themselves, anymore, like Augustus Pablo the producer and Melodica-mastermind who died in 1999. Now, his »Original Rockers« have been re-released by Greensleeves who have not only re-issued the record but have more than doubled its original material. Amongst the »new« tracks, there is »Love Won’t Come Easy«, recorded in two different versions: the first was interpreted by Leroy Sibbles, the second by Haptones, presented through their disarmingly silken vocals. Other tracks like »Jah Dread«, »A P Special« or the great »Tubby’s Dub Song« can be heard in alternative versions (not to be misunderstood as dub-version, considering that the originals are mostly dub, anyway). Incidentally, the original version of »Tubby’s Dub Song« was added to this collection under the name of »Pablo’s Theme Song«, including an extended Melodica-solo, in the nature of dub reduced to a few fragments only. Instead of bonus tracks, which can be unnecessary at times, this gem offers real discoveries. Hence, you can get to know Augustus Pablo, who has kept in impressively good shape, with fresh eyes. Well… You have to, actually.