Berto Pisano

OST La Novizia

Four Flies • 2022

Who’s supposed to be able to concentrate on the jokes and erotic take with music like this? The Italian composer Berto Pisano contributed the soundtrack to the 1975 film »La Novizia«. The film itself can be classified as an erotic comedy, but the soundtrack itself stands out for its naïve and engaging jazz. Everything smooth, everything downbeat. The Italian Berto Pisano, who died in 2002 at the age of 73, was not one of the most virtuoso composers. But »La Novizia« also shows that the man had a flair for moods like hardly anyone else in his field. In »Night Blues«, trumpet and trombone flirt with on another while a sparse rhythm keeps the song going. »Carefree«, on the other hand, uses all the synthesisers that the tiny budget for the soundtrack allowed. A voice croons a melody in »Pelle Morbida«. Finely and precisely placed. This makes »La Novizia« less a piece of contemporary history, and more an exciting and captivating album. (Today, no one goes to so much trouble for erotic comedies! And anyway, are erotic comedies still actually being made? Or is this genre a lost art?) The tapes for the soundtrack from »La Novizia« were considered lost for a long time. At least that’s what the label claimed. Found, saved and mastered – in this case a very worthwhile affair. And one that can be enjoyed even better without the jokes and erotic take.