Coco Bryce

Computer Love

MYOR • 2023

Having already presented various genres such as hip-hop, jungle, UK garage with his LP »Point Of No Return« at the end of February this year, Coco Bryce is now back with his new double album »Computer Love«. Tracks such as »Night Safari« and »House Music« echo the jungle atmosphere of its predecessor. Gentle vocals are interspersed with the fast-paced rhythms on the title track and on »Trust Issues«. »Visibility Cloak«, on the other hand, is quieter and more soulful, but still manages to create a dynamic interplay between soothing and stirring sounds. »Velvet Underground« not only offers free drinks, if the lyrics are to be believed, but also delivers the right amount of euphoria with a fast, driving beat that will keep you moving on the dance floor for hours. »Computer Love« serves up a colourful palette of emotions. That means it works just as well at lunchtime on the beach as under the strobe lights in a club.