Warp • 2024

It’s a cliché to say that Squarepusher will never deliver the Squarepusher album you expect. In a career spanning almost 30 years, Tom Jenkinson has proven that he has little interest in fulfilling expectations or the whims of others. Instead, since 1995—and especially since his epochal 1998 album »Music is Rotted One Note«—the Englishman has been working steadily on a sonic cosmos as boundless and infinite as the universe. And on his new LP »Dostrotime« he proves once again what is possible in the world of Squarepusher, which is framed by—surprise!—three guitar instrumentals. »Arkteon 1« tells of his love for electric bassist Jaco Pastorius and the possibilities of the elegant, warm tone, but then leads into the flighty »Enbounce«. By means of bass chords and a catchy synth melody, the newly introduced romanticism is slowly driven into a realm of increasingly dense drums. The corridor gets narrower, the 90s drill sound moves in from left and right, it’s squeezed, pushed and pressed for all it’s worth—until we reach Elysium. On 13 tracks it’s all about uniting hardcore, drill and other breakbeat types, only to let them fade away in a nostalgic transfiguration—a Squarepusher record like no other. No wonder!