Comité Hypnotisé

Danza Del Piri-Piri

Cortizona • 2023

You listen to a hundred records and it’s always the same, until suddenly you hear something completely different. You get all excited and say, I’m gonna buy this one because it’s so different, and then you forget about it because all the others are the same. The new one from Comité Hypnotisé, the one-man hypnosis committee from Belgium, could be just such a record. Which is why I’m going to say the name again: Committee Hypnotiseee. Yeah, that’s the right way to say it! This is, in fact, a group that isn’t really a group at all, but just a collection of mid-fourtysomethings with an Eagles-of-Death-Metal past and a present made up of so-called rare grooves. That can mean a lot of things, but one thing it is not is boring. Tim Vanhamel drums and synthesises and futuromantises himself further into the whole thing with every track on »Danza Del Piri-Piri« – no idea what the whole thing is, but it certainly fits right into a club or jazz cellar. People are into anything that sounds halfway like Khruangbin these days anyway. By the time the freaky electronica kicks in and the bass has a bout of indigestion, everything is buttered and tarred. And for those who now say, »I’ll get it right away« should really check it out. You buy records like this straight away, and worry about enjoying them later.