David Edren

Relativiteit Van De Omegeving

Not Not Fun • 2023

Some albums represent a direct invitation not to listen to them. For the Belgian synth guru David Edren, the rhythms of nature are much more important. »Relativiteit Van de Omgeving« (»Relativity of the Environment«) was written at the beginning of the pandemic. For David Edren, the psychosocial crisis was also a cause for reflection. He was compelled to ask himself the question of what contributes to his well-being. »Relativiteit Van de Omgeving« is the musical answer. 

The pastoral describes a garden in twelve movements. Electronic sounds thrive in this garden. For every season there are suitable arrangements. Everything appears lovely even in the midst of ethereal autumn and crystal-clear winter synths. The album ripples along. We hear nothing of Flaubert’s dilemma in only being able to describe inner turmoil with dewdrops. Instead, David Edren is interested in a »meditation – a self-reflection on personal space and creativity«. It is a immersion in a realm beyond human conflict. 

In terms of sound, Edren is also inspired by New Age models. It’s sometimes so bucolic, it borders on kitsch. Conversely, he demonstrates his ability to arrange colourful harmonies into succinct ambient pieces. At the same time, »Relativiteit Van de Omgeving« also teaches us that albums are inextricably linked to their creation. 2020 is over and done. I am curious to see what else David Edren will compose under different circumstances.