Martin Glass

Magic Mountain

Glossy Mistakes • 2023

Calling all lovers of beautiful harmonies! This is the musical marinade you need to soak in! Martin Glass has done it again! The unknown conductor of major chords has climbed the »Magic Mountain«. Old film projectors rattle and sometimes a wave even breaks in the indoor fountain. And again and again the beautiful harmony crackles and shines, crackle-di-crackle. It lets us become one, and with it we stay in the flow. It make us feel good, because this magical mountain is flat. It has no corners. No edges. We climb it lying down. In the morning. In the evening. At night. Welcome to the world of wellness—where rattan deckchairs await and the sun is always shining when its massage time. No one needs to know that beneath the shiny surface there is nothing but healing mumbo jumbo. Oil up, get horizontal, and switch off your brain! You’ll be fine. And you won’t even be surprised if someone suddenly starts farting around on panpipes. By the way, you can read the story Mister Glass came up with for his lavender-scented pillow of an album. It’s always nice when people have a bit of fun.