Mycellium Music

Leaving • 2023

Matthewdavid enjoys a special relationship with mushrooms. Records with titles like »On Mushrooms« or »Spore Drive« made it clear right from the start what their sound is going to reveal, even to the uninitiated. His new album »Mycelium Music« is kind of about a subterranean fungal network through which plants and creatures communicate, or in other words: everything is connected to everything else. 

Sounds like something straight out of an astral crystal? Well, it is. The Los Angeles-based artist has worked his way through an archive of New Age sounds and cultures to create this album. Matthewdavid sends »Mycelium Music« on a similar journey: It sizzles, sparkles, roars, soars, carries you, pulls you along. A record that is difficult to seize upon, because it eludes almost all conventions. What remains are individual melodies, »Zithertronica« being one of the more tangible moments in all the smoke and frenzy. (Might also be suitable for the waiting room of your friendly neighbourhood physiotherapist). Tracks like »X« catapult you with a gentle push into entirely different spheres. (Might also be perfect for a neon horror movie from Nicolas Winding Refn). 

According to his philosophy, »Mycelium Music« is only to be understood as a whole, taken homeopathically or not. Everything is connected, everything belongs together. As do the sounds on this album, which works directly on our subconscious.