Card Short Of A Full Deck

Dark Entries • 2023

After four years of abstinence, De-Bons-En-Pierre are back with a new album. The six pieces on »Card Short Of A Full Deck« were composed for a live performance back in 2019. This is music whose hard and uncompromising style is reminiscent of the Birmingham sound of the Nineties. On »Le Râle du Mâle Alpha«, shrill sounds combine with dark bass lines whose dominant alpha male vibes make the track feel heavy at the same time. »Accidental Surgeries« is introduced by a dull, rumbling vocal reminiscent of a menacing growl, which is gradually drowned out by booming bass and sharp synths. With it’s dark, sinister atmosphere the track will not only get your pulse racing , but will also boost your confidence. On »Puddle Ponts«, shimmering sounds and deep, distorted voices move to a fast, driving beat that also spreads dark vibes.