Hollow Head EP

Mannequin • 2023

Electro meets New Wave, thinks Johannes Haas aka L.F.T. with his new 6-track EP »Hollow Head«, and with the echoing and distorted screeching vocals of Rosacea he goes right for it. »I Want To Be A Witch« features vocals from the Hamburg ambient producer, as well as acid and breakbeat elements that create both a dark and unsettling atmosphere, as well as an exciting and positively tense one. Nils Fock was called in for the track »Hörst Du Das«, as he was on the album »Salz«. With a dull roar and shrill bleeps, he makes sure that the speed limit is completely ignored. 

»Lass es raus, wir ziehen los« is the parole-like chant shouted out, which, along with the driving beat, is repeatedly interrupted by deep, resounding laughter. The B-side of the 12-inc vinyl kicks off with the energetic EBM track »Panzer Tanz«, which has a highly stimulating and energetic sound despite its aggressive and dominant character. The track and the EP are rounded off with a remix by The Hacker, who transforms the EBM sound into an uncompromising techno dance floor banger.