Güner Künier


Flirt99 • 2022

What? Really? Berlin has people who don’t club to techno? I’ll take a look at that! Truly: Güner Künier creates vibes for the heavens in the darkroom. The industrial engineer with a Master’s degree and a Neukölln address has released her début album. »Aşk« is a landline call from a time when people didn’t mean the composition of coke and Special K when talking about division, but the Berlin Wall. Too late for punk, and too early for ecstasy, »Aşk« goes without the mohawks and studded belts. Nevertheless, it throws itself into the mosh pit to shake up the synth geeks under the disco ball that spins thanks to producer Sid Vision, a luminary for everything prog. But when Güner wants to rant, she does. In Turkish. In English. Mainly right in your face. Güner distorts her voice so much you can’t understand a word. Neither do you need to. She gets her message across in the end. Berlin, you grey city, why do so many DJs still play that four-four time crap here? You won’t find the answer on »Aşk«, but you will find inspiration for alternatives. By the way: Güner has nothing to do with the Anatolian party band Altın Gün and their album »Aşk«. Güner’s album was even released first. The ad is out!