Jensen Interceptor

Strings Of Fear

Pinkman • 2020

Without the efforts of people like Mikey Melas, it would have been hard to justify the electro hype of the last few years. On his own, every few months, but also together with his colleague Assembler Code (both based in Sydney), as Jensen Interceptor, the man finally makes the genre fit for local warehouses again thanks to dynamic boss beats. »Strings Of Fear« as the latest example of his slim realized productions doesn’t give the impression that he wants to change anything about it. Clapping kicks continue to slap themselves with samples of metal bars, cut plates and booming basses that lure even busy steampunker out of their dark rooms during almost every BDSM party. »Leather Athletics« is what they call it now – tonally pure sex, i.e. a bit clumsy and offensive, but rhythmically more infectious than turning off body music. »First Day« then moves down a few stairs to the main floor, where gothic guys in gas masks throw colorful glow sticks at each other and hoof all their extremities to sizzling EBM distortions. »Promise«, that many people will go steep on this, for whom this guy already mutated to a reliable banger machine with EPs on BNR Trax, Mechatronika or Motorik! Because the Jensen Interceptor is actually an eight-cylinder sports car in the GT class, known for its aggressive yet elegant steel bodywork. That’s about it.