The Edges Of The World

Infiné • 2011

Two musicians who’ve never met before – one from the area of experimental electronic music, the other coming from the land of folk – get together in order to make pop-music. The reason: to spend seven days preparing a one-time gig at the Infiné-Workshop in Normandy. Quite obviously, there isn’t much to expect from the whole thing. Eric Raynaud and Guillaume Eluerd had a different point of view. Check Chuck is the opener of the album – which came into being during and after those seven days – and the track is sheer and overwhelmingly perfect. With the following Seven Days, they bring on the next hit straight away, though its more lightly and melancholy than the first one, while enchanting the listener with a a sluggish beat and synth-melodies à la Kettel. Eluerd contradicts the music’s lightness with misanthropic-cynical texts, after which Raynaud feels free to meander through dub, electro, ambient and sound experiments. This is pop without kitsch or predictability – it’s indie in the very best meaning of the word. And it only took Raynaud and Eluerd those biblical seven days to fire, followed by a few more months of evolution in order to take us to the very edge of the world of pop. Others try to come up with something like this all their lives – and still fail.