How Did You Find Me?

Macadam Mambo • 2021

Punk experiments on cassette. This is roughly the mission statement of the French label Simple Music Experience. The creator of this label, Theo Delaunay, is now releasing his first solo album as Panoptique on the befriended label Macadam Mambo, which is now home to many styles, even if the focus is on experimental, electronic music. So much for classification. The first song does the rest. Bass guitar, drum machine and French spoken word in Hal-9000 style. Performance style of everything: always brut, Panoptique masters the art of the very dry. Whether it’s classic minimal synth edges or sometimes very groovy electro with beguiling cult leader vocals: nothing ever sounds like meat here. Everything remains machine. Sexy. »How Do You Find Me?« wants sweat, of course warehouses have to be raved to this music. Until that happens, you’ll be sitting on the couch in a see-through T-shirt and studded boots, thinking about hitting the clothes horse, because: This music screams for contact.