Tutu Ta

Lonely Eyes

Macadam Mambo • 2023

The mysterious London-based artist Tutu Ta sends us a stunning piece of work with »Lonely Eyes« that creates a captivating journey for the senses through a variety of different emotions. Futuristic bleeps, distorted synth sounds, rapid, short exhalations and a constant harrumphing draw us straight into the depths of the universe. On »Move Like Dis«, dark, robotic vocals and the irregular scream of a deep voice create an unsettling yet calm atmosphere. Contrast this with »Slum Funk,« which uses raw and experimental beats to create an aggressive sonic aesthetic which is hypnotic in its repetitiveness. Distorted humming, a calm, deep voice and rustling and rattling give Terkos a ceremonial character, with melodies that transform the piece into a spiritual experience from the very first second. Finally, »Krunk« heralds the end of the album and presents a perfect symbiosis of melancholic harmonies and pulsating, heavy beats. Here, sounds of oriental flute collide with rawness, darkness and seriousness, offering moments of reflection and contemplation at the same time.