Sdban Ultra • 2023

Echt! really has to be heard. The sound of the Brussels boy party blasts out of the jazz cellar and into the club. The fact that they decided early on against armchair farting in the front row and preferred to get the subwoofers vibrating is still noticeable once you’ve received the first blow to the pit of your stomach. »Sink-Along« is the second album released by Sdban Ultra, the Belgian proponents of electronica and jazz. It simmers like a DJ set where someone seals the underbelly of The Bug with Aphex Twin, redirects the keys into the dashboard of Dorian Concept and coughs up the exhaust with the legacy of Teklife. Of course, this is just name-dropping for the nameless. Echt!, who once penned love letters to J Dilla and DJ Rashad, are much more of an electronic music band. The fact that they call themselves chameleons fits the sound concept. They want to score at jazz festivals as well as with the darkroom dandies. Because of the bang-bang potential of pieces like »Cheesecake«, some yearn for the days when Miles Davis first fiddled around with the junction box. But others find a sound in »Chouckes« or »Bryan Brains« that knows exactly where it wants to go: onto the dancefloor!