Quantic & Nidia Góngora

Almas Conctadas

Tru Thoughts • 2021

It should be well known that Will Holland aka Quantic is a musical chameleon. As well known as the course of the earth around the sun; the reason for bread always falling on the topping side and of course that building more apartments will not lower the rents. Which, unfortunately, is not so well known: Just because you’re colorful doesn’t mean you’re brilliant. But Quantic usually knows his way around the field he’s working in. As a trained cabaret and theater musician, he at least knows the codes and standards. How far this helps him in his work with the Colombian singer Nidia Góngora, however, we don’t know at this point. Probably the years he spent living in Colombia and searching for traces of transatlantic folk music are much more formative. This could already be experienced eight years ago on a joint EP. This one was called »Muévelo Negro / Ñanguita« and was – typical 2013 – above all aimed at the synthesis of genuine South American sounds and functioning »Western recipes«. So a bit of cumbia, a bit of bass-focused dancefloor. In the meantime, everything has happened in the (music-)world – and Quantic here, above all, in a position to bring itself in so subtly, that you have to look twice at the cover. The »connected souls« that give the record its name become one: In »El Chiclan« Santana resonates in the background, »Adiós Chacón« has such dubby soul and »Vuelve« is digger gold and great pop feelings like on the best seventies records.