The Best Of Quantic

Tru Thoughts • 2011

At the age of 20, Will Holland had already released his first album,The 5th Exotic, at the label Tru Thoughts. One decade and 12 records with different casts later, a best-of-compilation with 32 tracks of the incredibly productive Englishman, chosen by Tru-Thoughts-founder Robert Luis, is being released. Starting at Quantic’s electronic beginnings, the collection leads us through a non-chronological journey through his relocation to Columbia, which illustrates his musical change from European-influenced lounge music to instrumental latin-funk and soul. On ­Time Is The Enemy, which marked his musical breakthrough, Quantic still followed the path of quiet downtempo-electronica (just like Bonobo on his Tru Thoughts debut), which carried the listener to a sunny island with its exotic piano samples and dubby rhythms and which brought the track its deserved place on the Café del Mar-Compilation. As The Quantic Soul Orchestra, he then started to make organic funk-music combined with vocals together with other musicians. Tracks like Hold it Down thereby gained a driving structure full of positive energy. Later, after founding Quantic And His Combo Bárbaro, he went back to a quiet kind of soul with The Dreaming Mind (Part1), which, in opposition to his electronic beginnings, was completely recorded with real instruments. Hence, The Best Of Quantic covers his whole musical spectrum and provides a very good, entertaining selection, which helps to get some orientation within the huge span of the multifaceted musician’s works and to explore the soul musician’s different musical approaches.