Eiko Ishibashi

For McCoy

Black Truffle • 2022

The Ishibashi experience is one of the strangest and most rewarding experiences you can have now in the broad field of experimental music. The environment is highbrow (Jim O’Rourke, Darin Gray, Black Truffle) and Eiko Ishibashi’s music is also quite suitable for self-identifying with connoisseurship, but it actually comes across as casual and above all JOYFUL. These are no grouchy snob experiments, this is flow. Their pieces float into the distance through avant-garde chatter, refreshing noir saxophone and »conventional« jazz, repeatedly finding pop along the way. Here, those who persevere are not rewarded with a certificate for exceptional taste, but with rhythm. That was very much the case on »The Dream My Bones Dream«, on »Hyakki Yagyō« not really, but is now at least a little bit like that on its successor, the present album »For McCoy«. Divided into two parts, »I can feel guilty about anything« runs for about 35 minutes, feigns peace with flute and pads, shows nervous reality with trembling cymbals and creates a captivating mixture of everydayness and divinity through the juxtaposition and overlapping of synths and field recordings. You are knocked out by astonishingly bright jazz: good-humoured double bass, flourishing brass, ECM guitars. Apparently this is one of the ways to do it.