Eric Lau

One Of Many

Kilawatt • 2013

Music is music is music…… not. Instead, today, it’s often used in order to unconsciously and hedonistically run any kind of artistic notion headlong into its own destruction, driven by instinct. However, very recently, the music world has begun an anarchical riot to escape the world of meaningless indifference. In the case of Eric Lau, that missing something finally steps up and thereby cools down. It does anything, really, anything but standing around aimlessly. Why not try and move more than just your hips when you’re investing heart and soul in order to create something? At least that’s the social consensus that has rolled over all of our lives in the last few years, sometimes stronger, sometimes less insistent, but it resonates in this record. »Rise Up« is the prime example. The track saw the light of the day as a demo during the riots in London – it has bundled the rebellion of many, who all started to cause uproar in unison. And if that’s not a good enough reason to have a closer look at this milestone on our way to a common future then have a listen! This record is so good that once you’ve started listening, you’ll never be able to stop. For all the people appreciating D‘Angelo, Rh Factor, The Roots or Jill Scott: You can probably get this record for free somewhere on the internet. However, its inherent meaning of life is as inexpensive as the sun itself, which makes it beyond price and therefore worth every penny. Buy it! At all costs!