Gaze EP

Kalahari Oyster Cult • 2023

When Eversines released his EP _»Plooi«_ on Kalahari Oyster Cult in 2020, the Dutchman sounded completely different from his current guest appearance on the label. Back then, restrained, rambling tracks in the guise of breakbeat and tech-house set the tone, whereas today’s party numbers are earthy, focused and quite purposeful with a progressive touch. The title track and opener is just such a piece. Scratchy prog synths, straight out of Goa, lie over a backbeat and hasty acid attacks. It’s only in the middle that things get really serious: _**»Gaze«**_ is dominated by a long break during which a completely new melody should lead to a supposed climax, but then fizzles out without doing anything. »Fast Fall« is reminiscent of Robert Hood’s »Dancer« at first, but then the organic funk gives way to bubbling acid. After another break, dub chords with powerful reverb open up a new perspective, and a pattern seems to emerge. In its uncluttered simplicity it recalls the above EP, while »Affection Towards The Urban Environment« takes the agitated machine communication of early Massimiliano Pagliara tracks to absurd lengths. »Wavedash Master« closes the four-track EP with an anachronistic electro-funk that, with its unpretentious acid lines and soft breakdowns, ought to bring back happy memories of both Detroit and The Hague.