Kabul Fire Vol.1

Jakarta Records • 2013

Chabos don’t know who Farhot is, even though he’s musically responsible for “Haftbefehl]( ‘s modern Deutschrap-classic. He has also also refined Nneka ‘s works and is additionally connected to Babos like Megaloh, Fanta 4 or Talib Kweli. Hence, the word ‘allrounder’ is not just a phrase for Mr. Samadzada, put into advertising texts for »Kabul Fire Vol.1« – it describes its maker and his program to its full extend. The record is laid out as a homage to Afghanistan’s shaking capital but Farhot thankfully doesn’t make the mistake of piling up dozens of oriental cliches, like sampling sitars or uptight belly-dancing-beats, reciting it all in the style of Erick Sermon’s »React«. Instead, his cauldron full of ideas covers a huge intercultural cosmos (no Funkhouse Europa), following the Best Of Everything«-principle of ragga, rap and classical Afghan music. It’s incoherent as fuck but also damn catchy. No matter if it’s the dark organ-offensive »Dem Man«, which he did together with the British Grime-giants Kano and Giggs, if it’s the hyped up capitalist-critical track »Fuck The Money« or if it concerns melancholy real-keeper-romance like in »Hey Ya« – these twelve tracks sum up the genius of the Afghanistan-born beatsmith in full-HD. No Cratedigger-bullshit, no high-earner-beats, but instead some dusty brute-bap and velvety silky street-soul. Additionally, you’ll hear vocal features by the habitually solid Talib Kweli or the surprisingly amazing Ms. Dynamite, who know how to blow all wannabe-Babos’s minds. If Kreuzberg is considered “Little Istanbul”, Hamburg-Hausbruch will soon be called Klein-Kabul.