Jakarta Records

Jakarta Records is a Overath-based record label for hip hop and soul, founded in 2005 by Jannis Stürtz and Malte Kraus. When you start of at the age of 15 spending your saturdays in the local Groove Attack record store, meeting DJs, musicians and producers, founding a record label becomes a natural next step at some point. Having grown up with rap music but open-minded to a whole pile of genres the two friends founded Jakarta Records. The first release was a vinyl only by Werle & Stankowski, »two good friends that didn’t have a vinyl release and said it as a joke that we should handle that. well, we did that then.«, says Jannis Stürtz. Since then they have released music they liked including artists of very different genres such as Blitz The Ambassador, Akua Naru, Opensouls, Mancini And The Creepers, Shuko and the Shogun Orchester.