Greg Foat & Gigi Masin


Strut • 2023

Our perception becomes blurred under water. Sounds are distorted, colours shift, our physical sensations change. We dive into a modified world and are robbed of our language. All this makes H2O an artistically endlessly rewarding substance. Case in point: the aquatic ambient jazz from Greg Foat and Gigi Masin. On »Dolphin«, the British jazz pianist and Venetian producer create maritime soundscapes that make you want to take a deep breath. The duo dives into warm waters to do so. Where they paint oceanic ambient currents in deep blue. Soft piano melodies invite you to move with them. There is a lot to discover in this ocean. On »Viento Calido« (Warm Wind), the choir billows towards us. From a distance, his words are indistinguishable. Flute sounds glide past us on the song »Dolphin«. Greg Foat and Gigi Masin make it very easy for us to immerse ourselves in their compositions. But the longer we remain there, the more oppressive they become. Diving is not simply about discovery. Not being able to breathe normally makes you aware of your own mortality. Gigi Masin dedicates the song »Sabena« to his late wife. He remains lingering in the depths of melancholy for the rest of the album. If you are looking for a leisurely beach feeling, you will hardly feel the pull of »Dolphin«. But fascinating biotopes await you in its depths.