Hassaan Mackey & Apollo Brown

Daily Bread

Mello Music Group • 2011

When it comes to rap, old soul-samples are always a bit tricky to handle: one group celebrates the sound like there’s no tomorrow, whereas the others often couldn’t care less. It’s almost the same with Daily Bread, a cooperation-project between Hassaan Mackey and Apollo Brown. There are 15 tracks, and each of them contains a full portion of soul. Those who have been following Apollo Brown and his doings in the recent past won’t be much surprised by this development – the producer from Detroit is quite exemplary at underlying sound samples of soul, pianos and orchestra-sounds with heartfelt drums and thereby creating the perfect foundation for proper rap. And this is where Hassaan Mackey becomes part of the picture. He’s the one throwing in the daily struggle and occasional insights into the protagonist’s innermost thoughts. And even though it’s all done well enough, it’s not enough to be called innovative. Even when it comes to the question of the flow, Hassaan Mackey can sure be convincing, but can’t quite enthrall, which is why it’s mostly the beats that remain in one’s mind. All in all, it’s quite a nice boom bap record, which unfortunately doesn’t live up to its full potential – but still, and mostly due to Apollo Brown’s beats, it will surely find its way through my speakers again.