Hiro Ama

Animal Emotions

PRAH • 2022

On his latest EP, »Animal Emotions«, Hiro Ama not only takes on personal, thoughtful as well as soulful moods, tones and emotions, but also seamlessly switches between genres. Since the musician who is known as the drummer from the British rock band Teleman has often felt that electronic music lacks organic and human elements, he deliberately uses acoustic instruments on »Animal Emotions«, also in order to create a unified overall picture. On »Free Soul«, Hiro Ama spikes his track with gentle and happy grooves, extraordinary IDM sounds and soothing vocals. With »Autumn Colours«, on the other hand, melancholy unfolds, enticing you to reminisce without becoming too sad. Hiro Ama not only echoes his own musical preferences with »Animal Emotions«, but above all wants people to feel something through his music. A spectrum that ranges from spiritual jazz to soundtracks to ambient, resulting in infectious melodies and energetic soundscapes.