Irreversible Entanglements

Protect Your Light

Impulse! • 2023

World History is a struggle for its interpretation. The dispossessed often experience a second expropriation: the erasing of their own (hi)stories. Irreversible Entanglements address this kind of collective amnesia. The Modern Creative ensemble relates global contexts. Its throughline was spun by Camae Ayewa, aka noise rapper Moor Mother. She sketched her aesthetic blueprint a while ago. In 2014, the multimedia-artist co-founded the queer collective Black Quantum Futurism. Inspired by sci-fi literature, it pressed for taking an Afrofuturist look at History. Time-travel stories could be a model for the relation between past, present, and future. For small changes could exact capital consequences. Therein lies the chance of radical art, that is: powerless art. At least, this is the hope permeating »Protect Your Light«. With the voice of a rhetor, Ayewa waxes on love, justice, and displacement. The band underpins her words with Free Jazz, Chicago style. Composition and improvisation are indistinguishable here. »Protect Your Light« is reminiscent of Jamie Branch, not only sonically. The deceased was even honored with a tribute song in »Root <=> Branch«. The album picks up many threads. Its credo: »weaving past futures / and not-yet threads of a story / ending in the present / always late arriving.« Irreversible Entanglements make use of an ensnaring art to map the world. The struggle is yet to be decided.