Ivan Ave

Helping Hands

Jakarta Records • 2016

Ivan Ave‘s latest record »Helping Hands« is turning contemporary expectations – or rather postures – upside down, by changing the direction: On its cover, it’s quoting the often copied pictures by Instagram’s leading figure Murad Osman on which you can only see his outstretched arm and the back view of his girlfriend, who is dragging him through exotic sceneries. Oslo-born rapper Ivan Ave on the other hand, is displayed in full view – vulnerable, tangible, bereft of all gimmicks, just bars, bars, bars, carried by Mndsgn’s smooth beats. It’s all about jazzy slow jams, just like on their shared LP »Low Jams«. Hence, we all know where Ivan Ave’s helping hand is leading us so that we’re happily joining him on the eleven tracks long foray through raps and beats grounded by organ sounds. Welcoming the audience takes place in the third track after the intro – with a simple »Hello«. Actually, it’s not that simple, really, it’s more of a great and a loud hello, addressing music and musical instruments, addressing the beauty they create, addressing the beauty of being, in general. Even addressing illustrious gentlemen like Miles Davis and John Coltrane, underlining the shared approach of Ivan Ave and Mndsgn Although »I Do« is definitely leering at p-funk, it’s the zig zag course that makes jazz so damn appealing.