Jonny Nash

Point Of Entry

Melody As Truth • 2023

Jonny Nash gently plucks on his guitar. The chord is enveloped in a veil of ambient synth sounds. Nothing is strenuous on »Point Of Entry«, Nash’s sixth solo album, which he created while working with the ambient group Gaussian Curve. Dreamy jazz, singer-songwriter instrumentals and chilling excursions into the realms of electronic music. The connecting element: the lightness that usually comes from Nash’s guitar playing. The Scotsman layers two or more tracks on top of each other, giving the arrangements a multi-dimensionality that is mesmerising. He intersperses vocal passages sparingly in between. They often last only a few bars, submit themselves to the instruments and are barely noticeable. In general, you can count the moments when singing is heard on the fingers of one hand. Things almost get exciting when Joseph Shabason, the only guest musician, adds a dash of rock with his saxophone. Coupled with Nash’s punchy guitar playing, this gives »Light From Three Sides« a driving groove. This remains an exception, of course, which barely undermines the vibe created by the remaining ten tracks. »Point Of Entry« is a quiet, but never boring album. Nash creates lots of atmosphere with very few means.