Jordon Alexander

How The Dogs Chill Vol.2

Running Back • 2023

»How The Dogs Chill Vol. 2« captures the nuances of a jungle and breakbeat record. When your gaze wanders to the artist’s name, you are taken aback. Originally from the minimalist lo-fi beats niche, Jordon Alexander (aka Mall Grab) really picks up the pace with his latest release. The Australian-born artist even dispenses with his usual pseudonym. While »Vol. 1«, which is now five years old, focuses on the sound textures typical of Mall Grab productions, »Vol. 2« is coloured by somewhat different musical characteristics. Pounding, almost somersaulting beats make their way through the four tracks. A dusting of powdered house melodism lies beneath, ultimately providing the Mall Grab signature. Muted synths overlap and blend like watercolours. The pulsating bass lines breathe life into the record – en masse. Each track throbs with a steady rhythm. Enriched with buzzing synth tracks, they escape the danger of becoming dry and monotonous in the process. Raw energy and dreamy purism combine to create a musical identity that makes Jordan Alexander all the more accessible with his real-life name.