KaytrAminé (Aminé And Kaytranada)


Venice Music • 2023

This May saw the release of a record by two artists whose names have been swirling around the music cosmos for some time now, but quite independently of one another. Canadian-raised DJ and producer Kaytranada and Portland-born American rapper Aminé have teamed up for an album that conjures up a composite of their two stage names. KaytrAminé is the name of the duo and they also named the record they made together KaytrAminé. Featuring 11 tracks in all, the pair kicked off the 2023 Summer Soundtrack Festival back in May, and enlisted a handful of fellow musicians. Snoop Dogg, Freddie Gibbs, Pharrell Williams, Big Sean and Amaarae make guest appearances on KaytrAminé, adding even more groove to the record. DJ and music producer Kaytranada creates a distinctive sound punctuated by catchy pop-house melodies. With his fairly simple rap lines, Aminé’s lyrics give the album a touch of hip-hop flair. The diversity of genres on »KaytrAminé« is difficult to pin down. As befits a collab album, both artists let their own sound flow into the record, so that the house touch in particular, paired with pop, R&B and rap elements, makes for a colourful mix.